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Got the “Makeup Blues”?
1. (meyk-uhp—blōōz), adj. depressed spirits caused by the same old look; despondency caused by not sure how to change; melancholy: “This boring makeup routine is giving me the Makeup Blues.”
A single note can change an old song into a “Number One Hit”. Our team of professional makeup artists offer a variety of options to help you recover from the “Makeup Blues”, starting from a quick makeup jingle to a rockin’ symphony.

Mini-Makeup Jingle

For eyes that flirt and lips that are longing to be kissed. Let our make-up team of professionals help you get noticed! With this service we will make your eyes sparkle and your lips shine. Perfect for any occasion!

Full Makeup

The moment is here. The venue is booked. The clothes are swaying and the shoes are tapping. The hair looks fabulous and the nails are sparklin’. And of course, your wedding makeup brings it all together with flawless perfection. When it comes to your perfect day, whether you are wanting a natural refreshed look, a smoky exotic look, or a fun glammed up look, let our team of professionals help you look your best for any event.
Don’t worry brides! This price stays the same for you! (Ask about trial makeup application.)
Complementary Makeup Assessment

Need help updating your makeup and cleaning out your makeup collection? Bring in all of your makeup and we will help you make decisions on what you should keep and what you should replace. (Does not include makeup application) Complementary service.

Makeup Lesson

When you get tired of playing the same old song and you’re looking for some fresh material, let our team of experts be your inspiration. To start your makeup lesson, you will receive a full consultation to design a look based on your facial structure, coloring, and individual needs. We will custom-match a foundation color and medium for your skin type. Then, we will teach you professional application techniques using a va-riety of brushes. Everything you learn will be written down in a step-by-step, easy to follow face chart, showing products used and their proper placement, making it easy for you to recreate your look at home with confidence.

Temporary Eyelashes

Your hair looks great, your nails fabulous—What else is there? Tempo-rary Eyelashes! You will be catching major eye contact with these beau-tiful, long eyelashes to accentuate your beautiful eyes.

Leslie Vasquez & crew are now at Spice Salon – just a few minutes away in a beautiful, new location in Scotts Valley. We have the same great service and the same phone number – 831-429-6600.

Our new address is 6006 La Madrona Drive, Scotts Valley, CA. Just take the Mount Herman Exit off Hwy 17 and go left at the first light. Look for Surf City Coffee, Mountain Mike’s Pizza, and Morgan Stanley- we are in that same plaza across from the Scotts Valley Hilton.