Hair Removal

Tired Of Shaving?


Well here at he the Platinum Lounge we will help you stop  the chore of shaving and tweezing with the long lasting benefits of waxing! Choose from a variety of services for weeks of smooth skin!

Treatments usually take only 15-30 minutes depending on the size of the area. Our licensed technicians are experienced know how to remove your unwanted hair with very little discomfort.


It gives you freedom. No worry about how small or how low your swimsuit can be.

It’s sensual. You just feel cleaner and more confident after having a  wax.

Our technicians specialize in waxing to provide exceptional service while creating a comfortable environment for you.


The art of hair removal has evolved over the years from one simple wax pot to the understanding that different skin types require specific types of wax. We begin your hair removal service with an analysis of your specific needs, Our technicians have perfected their techniques to optimize hair removal and minimize discomfort. All hair removal services include detailed attention to ensure you leave with a satin smooth finish.



The Brazilian Wax

Brazilian bikini waxes have been all the rage since the late 90′s, but they’re certainly not new the United States. A Brazilian Wax can be anything from a complete, 100 percent everything off to a more moderate, everything except that little landing strip. Typically a Brazilian Wax takes off the back side hair as well, so you are clean all around.





Waxing is Scary!

It’s Not As Bad As You Think…

 Common Questions & Answers About Waxing

What are the Benefits of Waxing?

· Results typically last longer.

· Hair grows back less, lighter, finer—no sharp, unsightly stubble.

· Great before a trip or vacation: no need to pack a razor or worry about having to shave.

· More precise shaping/targeted hair removal in any area.

· When done properly, there is less risk of injury and infection.

· Leaves your skin smooth

· No razor bumps

· No prickly stubble!

· In today’s world is great to have hair. But more important is not to have hair were it should not be

If I start  waxing  now, is it true that my hair will grow less over time?

Hair grows in cycles: growing, resting and shedding. When you first start waxing, it will last about two to four weeks. If you continue to wax you will also get the hair that was growing underneath the skin at your previous sessions.  This can delay re-growth for as much as 6 weeks.  Waxing an area frequently over time can also damage the hair follicle, and cause it to stop growing hair.

How often should you get a Brazilian wax?
The average is every 3-4 weeks.  The minimum length for the hair to be waxed is 1/4 inch.

Does it hurt?
For some, it can be very uncomfortable but the majority are pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t that painful. If you’re a female close to your monthly flow it can be bit more sensitive.
How long does it take?
It’s a 30—45 minute service.
Is five weeks too long between Brazilian waxing?
For some it’s better. Typically, the bulb of coarser hair removes easier with length. The average is 3-4 weeks between waxing services.
Is a Brazilian wax worth it?
If you’re a first timer, you’ll love it! No stubble, no ingrown hair, no itching, no skin irritation, no scars, next to laser hair removal it’s the longest lasting .
Which wax style is the best? Brazilian, Bikini or take it all off?
It’s a preference.


Ok maybe some things just look cuter with hair but let’s face it Some things should just not be hairy.


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