Sue’s Success Story

by Alex Silverman on October 2, 2012

PLATINUM LOUNGE changed my life…..for the BETTER!! The owner, Leslie, assured me that I could and would have WASH N GO hair. After a lifetime of primping for an obscene amount of time on my hair, I would walk out the door with nice hair, only to watch it frizz instantly in the moisture of the air. My GOOD HAIR DAYS were becoming few to none. At first, I was extremely skeptical, but Leslie was patient, very knowledgeable (the QUEEN of extensions!) about all of the many hair extension options, and reassuring, as she answered my myriad of questions! I opted for a keratin treatment and the synthetic extensions which are braided in with my own hair. I now truly am WASH N GO, spending only a half an hour from start to finish! Nothing less than a MIRACLE! GREAT hair days every day, no matter what activity I do! On a recent trip back to NJ, “down the shore”, my hair didn’t even frizz and looked AWESOME!

Megan, Ashley, Darya and ALL of the staff are very knowledgable, professional, skilled, patient….and very sweet!! And the prices for the services are reasonable.

I am FREE from being a SLAVE to my hair!

Thank you, thank you, thank you PLATINUM LOUNGE!!!!

Sue Freedman

Thank you Sue for your kind words!

-The ladies and gents of the Platinum Lounge

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